Bauhaus Inspired Toys

Jennifer and I have long been obsessed with well made products ranging from pieces for the home, kitchen and garden. We've also had a passion for toys. One of the first gifts to me from Jennifer was a a collection of stuffed Japanese animals ranging from a Lion to a Bull. Still some of my most prized possessions.

Anytime we travel we are on the lookout for well made, well intended toys. On one journey several years ago we came across wooden pull toys complete with Bauhaus inspired shapes, colors and wheels. After looking high and low for the maker Jennifer finally found them on a recent trip to Paris.

We are happy to present our new toys just added to our newly formed 'Kids' category. Produced in a wonderful little shop in Prague these were originally designed by Ladislav Sutnar in 1930. Our pieces are handmade and hand painted replicas are an ideal portrayal of Sutnar's modern concept of a toy that combines the principles of new teaching methods and abstract art.